May . . .
Is this school haunted? Nah. Perhaps?

15 . November . 2019
I noticed something strange in the A Hall boys bathroom. I was just pissing, then all the sudden I heard a scream. Some shit along the lines of "THAT'S NOT THE REAL ME," "NO GET AWAY," "GET OUT OF MY HEAD," and then radio silence. Mental breakdown perhaps? Boy was I wrong. I was a little confused, but hey, shit happens. I walked out minding my own business, and when I looked up from the sink, that's when I got confused out of my mind. I saw a shadow, of a girl, thin and kinda tall, medium pigtails, holding a knife? No, something else. I ran back into the stall, and waited about five minuted to peek out again. She was gone thankfully. I got my ass back to class after that. I asked my bud at lunch and he told me his cousin had heard rumors of something terrible happening back in 2013. Whatever, I just went on with my day and didn't care.

17 . November . 2019
Okay my friend texted me at like 2 AM because he unearthed more info. He said after asking his cousin about it, she remembered it in full detail. It's kinda lengthy so I'll put it in down below.

Year was 2013, and there was this girl. She was a sophomore named May. She fit the description of the shadow I saw to a tee. My friend's cousin (lets call her Stacy) was good friends with her, even considering her to be her sister. She was dating a boy from Walnut Grove, who was madly in love with her. But what most people didn't know about May, was that she was a little off the rails so to speak (diagnosed schizophrenia and anxiety, none of this shit y'all think you have) and was sent off to a mental hospital over in Sandy Springs for about a month. When she came back, some time in 2012, everything calmed down. But her boyfriend, was furious his wild girlfriend was a chill girl. So when he went to her house, he changed her meds with just Tylenol. Stacy found out after taking one of the pills. May refused to listen, instead siding with her boyfriend. Sure they were still good friends, but a rift had formed. When May realized Stacy wasn't lying, her schizo had really gone apeshit. When her boyfriend realized what happened, he made plans to end her life. He snuck into LHS after 3rd lunch, and led her to the A hall boys bathroom. He proceeded to rape her, and stab her in the left breast. He literally just walked out. Stacy noticed him, and instantly looked for May. She was found, bleeding out. A once prominent star in the LHS sport world, now bleeding, the toilet flooding behind her. Stacey ran to the nurse, who called an ambulance. She was escorted out so stealthily that no one knew anything was wrong. She later died in the hospital. Stacey was given her diary, and a ton of her other shit. The boyfriend's fate wasn't any better. A three boys snuck into Walnut Grove and literally slaughtered him. To this day no one knows who these three were. The whole incident was covered up, so not even many staff know what happened. Stacy reported seeing her spirit roam the halls, and managed to lure her over once. May thanked her for being by her side, they hugged, and she vanished.

Pretty fucking weird if you ask me. That was abridged by the way, and Stacy is looking for her diary.